Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Looking for Latest trends in Interiors?

There are many new styles and trends that keep on coming in our society. Nowadays it’s very much in trend to instantly change the look of the house by using wallpaper. If you feel it won’t come out easily and will stay forever then try out a wall decal.
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Innovative Bathroom Design Ideas!!

Bathroom is a place which is so occupied with different kind of activities comfort, relaxation, washing, storage etc. An area where not just only bathing activity takes place but also many other activities are geared up to happen. One need to have that designer bathroom looks, comfort and planning for the perfect use of the given space. Modern bathroom designs are basically divided into two zones – “wet zone” & “dry zone”. Wet zone refers to the area where showering, washing, cleaning activity takes place and dry zone refers to the sink and storage area.

To carry out a well-planned and designed bathroom one should settle down with proper planning, furniture layout, color selection, lighting and accessories, flooring and ceiling materials etc. A complete package of well-designed bathroom includes a big list of such small and big important factors which should be take care off well. Apart from all these .. perfect bathroom plans includes bathroom freshness. Do let your bathroom breath fresh and good with proper vent and window placement. Do not forget to keep an open space for good circulation of air.. after all it’s the most humid space of your habitat.

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mirror wardrobes for elegant bedroom designs!!

Wardrobe and mirror both are an essential part of bedroom and which can’t be ignored on any condition whether the room is big, small, cramped with furniture etc. whatever may be the condition. What if we can the combination of both in a single design?
Incorporating mirror with a wardrobe makes the wardrobe look more elegant and classy. It gives a unique mixed flavor or old and new concepts adding more space and beauty to the room as well as to the furniture.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bedroom Interior design- It’s a homemade home!

Have had a stressful day? There is no place on earth to relax than your own cozy bedroom that sets you free and liberated from the clutches of the outside world. Then go ahead and get your room decorated with the finest things you have ever had. Dress your bedroom with the most contemporary style along with modern look.